Its creation began on May 27, 2002.
The idea was to bring together all the clubs of collectivities, as was the case in Europe, to carry out joint actions.

On July 17, the first meeting of directors of clubs representing the communities of Belgium, Holland, Sweden, England, Denmark and France was held, and on August 22, a public information reception was held in the halls of the German Club.
Along with the launching, which took place on May 9, 2003, at an important social gathering attended by 270 guests, 10 ambassadors, 7 diplomats of ministerial rank, consuls, attachés and other personalities, cultural and social events began to be organized.

The founding member clubs are:
Argentine-Austrian Association
Belgian Club
Danish Club
Spanish Club
French Club
Dutch Club
Hurlingham Club
Circolo Italiano
Swedish Club
German Club in Buenos Aires

Currently, the purpose of the European Club is to promote and consolidate the relations of clubs and associations representing the European communities in Argentina.
In the last few years, other European associations have joined the Club.